Patrick T. Hoffman

Aug 27 2014
Mercenaries are driven by paranoia; missionaries are driven by passion. Mercenaries think opportunistically; missionaries think strategically. Mercenaries go for the sprint; missionaries go for the marathon. Mercenaries focus on their competitors and financial statements; missionaries focus on their customers and value statements. Mercenaries are bosses of wolf packs; missionaries are mentors or coaches of teams. Mercenaries worry about entitlements; missionaries are obsessed with making a contribution. Mercenaries are motivated by the lust for making money; missionaries, while recognizing the importance of money, are fundamentally driven by the desire to make meaning.
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Jun 06 2014

Travis Kalanick the CEO and Founder of Uber shares his startup and entrepreneurial insights at Tech Cocktail’s Startup Mixology Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 16, 2011.

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Jun 04 2014

Looking Back: Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2012 via Y Combinator

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Bill Maris (Google Ventures) “Being Born an Entrepreneur” via¬†Startup Grind

Like this? Check out Maris’ take on What He Looks for in Entrepreneurs

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May 28 2014

Are you ready for the age of autonomous vehicles? I am an I can’t wait.

Read more here:

The Car’s Google+ Page

An Interview with the Head of the Project

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